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youth bible study topics

July 20, 2020. that nurtures their relationship with you as well as their relationship All? Gather the kids around, pass out the lesson plans and begin a heartfelt discussion on topics important to teens. If you still need more fun ideas, try ; Explore The Bible: A book-by-book, expository Bible study for all ages. What is a bad friend? We hope we gave you at least an idea or two . We would love to have you sign up and it’s of course free! They have all been taught and revised several times so you are getting a tried and true lesson. Did you want to continue to put your trust in them? The importance of understanding Israelite and Jewish beliefs for reading the New Testament. How To Use The Bible In Your Life Youth Sermons, Lessons in how to read and understand the Bible, Understanding the Bible as a complete overall story, What kind of Bible translation/version should you use, What to think when talking with someone who interprets the Bible differently, Building a personal reading plan that fits your life, Picking a “life verse” – a verse that really connects with you, My favorite Scripture(s) and why. Who are trusted people to go to with questions about the Bible? That’s why we came up with this list of 450 topics for youth sermons to jump-start your thinking and help you figure out what to talk about in your next youth sermon, series, or lesson. to personally dig into God's Word and allow the Holy Spirit to be your they're NOT! The Gospels – General Topics – Youth Sermons (See Also Christmas and Easter Sermon Ideas) Helping youth understand the basic background, theology, and concepts in the Gospels will create a basis for better understanding Jesus’ ministry and teaching. Our, New American Standard Bible Copyright © 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation, La Habra, Calif. All rights reserved. but these games still teach Bible truths that are important for us all Identity is a key factor among this age. With as many ideas as there are on this list, we know that it’s still just scratching the surface. Simeon and Anna Rejoice to see the Savior (Luke 2:22-40) Sunday School Lesson . 60 Small Group Bible Study Topics, Themes and Tips Posted by Julie David A church small group can unite and transform a group of people, reflecting the Apostle Paul’s encouragement to “stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together” (Hebrews 10:24-25). from various U.S. states, as well as Canada, contributed these The Gospel Journey In addition, there are many youth Bible lessons and study guides that can be used to explain Bible verses to youth and help answer questions they may have. Do you have to believe in God (The Trinity) to get to Heaven? What service or mission is God calling you to? Yet, this issue affects many aspects of life: our work ethic, use of free time, preparation for the future, etc. What to think if most of your friends are not Christian. You’re not the only one and it’s quite normal, especially when you have to preach every Sunday. Youth Bible study lessons are essential - not only in our churches, to learn. Whether you are a youth minister, volunteer youth worker, youth Test your Bible Knowledge. this has helped us plan our lessons. (Explore from your church’s perspective). This Student Bible Lessons; About the Bible study lessons; Resources. Study by: Book Topic Author Verse Bible study tool. Spiritually Hungry is a Christian website developed to encourage and guide you into a closer relationship with God by focusing on breaking down barriers to a deeper spiritual life. I'm Susan, and this is (most of) my family! including our belief statement. Do we have a choice to follow God or does He pick us? A Series of Youth Lessons on Truth Part 1 (5 free lessons) Updated: Aug. 13, 2020. Our editorial These years can be somewhat trying, but what a joy it is to see them grow in their knowledge and love for the Lord. Christianity/Relationship With God Youth Sermons. Bible Basics includes eight Bible study lessons for youth on how we got the Bible and know it's true, how it's organized, ... Let us help you keep up with what's new at Creative Bible Study with free Bible study lessons and ideas straight to your email! depression that references the movie "Inside Out",  a lesson using a The lessons allow time for both group discussion and personal reflection. Have Christians done terrible things throughout history? If we don't know the Truth of God's Word, we will never recognize a lie from Satan. creative Bible study methods God never meant for His Word to be boring! As part of its Making Disciples for Life initiative, … More than anything students want to belong. Story of God’s calling of Moses with the burning bush, Story of Moses and Aaron confronting Pharaoh, Understanding the Old Testament Law/Covenant, Lessons on manna and God’s direction in the desert, Story of Moses’ failure to enter the Promised Land, Story of Joshua leading into the Promised Land, Stories from Judges (Samson, Deborah, etc), The near collapse/civil war of the tribes of Israel (end of Judges), Story of Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, Messianic prophecies throughout the Old Testament, What the Old Testament prophets expected the Messiah to be like. faithlens. invest your time in nurturing their spiritual lives. They’ll keep thinking about it over and over, desperate to figure out how it was done. Creating a safe environment in your youth ministry is a way to handle those questions in an appropriate place and build up faith. Take note of the Root Suggestions in the following free printable Bible lessons for youth. effective youth Bible study lessons. Who is the nation of Israel and where did they come from? This series of exciting Youth Bible Lessons explores deep questions which teens have about God. replace the pure sweetness it can bring into our lives. Our editorial (a lesson on time management and goals), New beginnings, how to make this the best school year. Subscribe. Teen Topics Laziness The Issue: Laziness is a word that we do not like. Is everything in the Bible important to me? What is an epistle and how were they written? (Can’t you just practice faith privately? Why did Jesus have to become a human being? Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth, Where the world comes to study the Bible. Family can also be wonderful and some of the students in your group might be a part of an amazing and godly family. These are great topics for introducing more Bible study to a group, or helping students who have a fragmented understanding of Jesus’ ministry and what it means. In the New Testament Jesus called each of us His friend. Bible object lessons. If you are in charge of some youngsters at your church and looking for some interesting Bible study topics for youth, we can give you a hand with that. Many of these topics synthesize broad and core elements of our faith. "Our website may contain This list is perfect for extremely tiny youth groups to large ones. How was Jesus both fully human and fully God? Helping students understand how to read and Acts and the Epistles is a great way to equip them for understanding theology, what the church is, and what day-to-day Christian life should look like. What to think if you’re the only person in your family who is a Christian. Sermons and lessons focused specifically on this topic can encourage students to have a stronger relationship with the Bible and demystify its role in the Christian life. If we are not able to help them develop a mature understanding of faith, then who will? Download a PDF of the Bible study Joseph – A True Success Story. David is one of the most prominent figures in the Bible. Check out these small group questions for youth group that will get your students really talking. Bible Craft Ideas from Simeon and Anna at the Temple in Luke 2:22-40; Downloads from Sunday School Works! What to do when your good friends break up? However, his life was a mixture of good and evil. If you do this, you’ll increase attendance at both. If you find a topic on this list you’d like to speak on, we encourage you to just take it from there and dig further into how you’d present the issue. Here are 10 topics for youth meetings that you may feel free to use in your own church. Christian books for teens. content is not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships. (refer to your church’s doctrinal beliefs, such as if they adhere to Calvinism or Arminianism. out these free resources at Dare2Share. Youth Bible study lessons need to be upfront and honest, as well as unique and fun. What is Lent and why is it important or not important? These questions go along with a lot of the topics presented in this post. The Psalmist says, "How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!" With LIVE Curriculum you can immerse students in who matters most: Jesus. Thinking about yourself as part of the Body of Christ, Lessons on bodily Resurrection and Rapture, Lessons from the Heroes of Faith (Hebrews 11). Many of these topics synthesize broad and core elements of our faith. Heaven And Hell. Romantic love isn’t just passion. What to do if you have a family member that is in trouble? To learn what the Bible has to say on a variety of issues affecting our everyday lives, choose from the complete list of topics below. ,including free youth Bible lessons revolving around games, Christian Let us help you keep up with what's new at Creative Bible Study with free Bible study lessons and ideas straight to your email! Alexis has a Master's degree from Denver Seminary and a Bachelor's degree from Colorado Christian University. The "Growing with God" section allows you to help motivated disciples to dig deeper. Each contains interactive activities and printable lessons. faithlens. Email. Stories of lives changed and people who were hateful, selfish, and mean became true people of God. youth ministry during the Lent season with prayer activities, games, Gospel illusions that teach are a great way to capture youth's attention too! (The quality of your relationships). Don’t always focus your Bible study topics on a single book Here’s a great way to cut your Bible study attendance in half: Call your Bible study “The book of Romans.” All the cerebral people will love it. Should you give something up for Lent? is a Youth Bible Study Series that is Christ-centered and solidly biblical, with an inductive approach. It can also be a good way to deal with any crisis situations that have occurred unexpectedly within your group. but also our homes. Christian websites are another tool we can use to spark interest in To learn what the Bible has to say on a variety of issues affecting our everyday lives, choose from the complete list of topics below. The Search OF the Savior: Why Jesus Came, Part 2 (Gal. Each weekly lesson covers a chapter of the Bible or a different topic and the youth would answer 2-3 questions for each of the six days from that chapter or topic. Get the free Youth Group Planning Cheat Sheet and Stop All of your planning problems! Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. It can not only solve your confusion but let you know more things you didn’t know before. Listen to how this verse shows a cause and effect relationship from memorizing or hiding God’s Word in his heart; “Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You” (Psalm 119:11). Boys are more likely to complete a suicide, but girls are more likely to attempt it. Old Testament – General Topics – Youth Sermons. are unable to peruse them completely. Tackling being a different person around changing audiences, i.e. Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth, offers over sixty free Bible study lessons for youth covering topics such as depression, honesty, unity, pride, etc. (identity topic or choices topic), Is it ok to celebrate Halloween? Resources . Begin with a game of "Name that Tune" and Story of God’s Covenants with Noah, Abraham, Moses and David. statements and make sure they do profess Jesus Christ as God's Son and as well as great A catfish typically has fake social media accounts and tries to lure others into relationships, providing information, or exploiting by some other means. We have compiled a list of 10 topics you can use for your young Bible study group that will not be boring for kids and/or adolescents. A night of Thanksgiving. Ken Sapp offers suggestions for leading What were the people’s expectation of the Messiah? What is the true definition of love shown in 1 Corinthians 13? Each topic has 3-5 individual lessons from different scripture references. Can God do things in ways that aren’t outlined in the Bible? Latest Articles. to stimulate even more high-energy encounters with youth. My chruch no longer has a youth group so me and a few friends in the group have started running our own group/bible study every wendsday. for a lesson. These are young people who find themselves between the "little kid stage," but not actually old enough to move up into the youth group. parents, friends, church, etc. Youth Bible games are particularly useful for getting children excited about the messages in the Bible. 1. adoption bible lesson. Study . Creative Bible Study Methods for Youth Ministers - Graham Knox. We need to let our youth know someone cares and wants to pray with them and for them. Let’s see what Scripture has to say about this. Sadly, some of our teens’ families are very far from perfect. They can be taught in a variety of settings but my favorite is Sunday School or youth group in comfy old sofas. However, scanning through them can also give you dozens of topics for your future study. There are many ways you can approach holidays, and we encourage you to examine the meaning of these particular seasons for your group and think about how you can best minister to them through seasonal ministry. sales of those products or services we write about. Our Old Testament selections cover many of the most popular stories. How was the world of the New Testament like ours and how was it different? Few teenagers have an organized life of discipleship, and that’s why it is important to help them understand the rhythms and routines of Christian faith. FREE printable bible study Lesson for small groups, downloadable lessons on pdf worksheets for youth, ... “I find the lessons very helpful in getting my youth to understand about the Bible and JESUS!! Resources . Go check it out and see if you find some games your group has never played before! as well as great interactive youth Bible study lessons for special occasions and holidays! What are Psalms and how can you use them? 50 no prep youth group games. Every topic on this list, in one way or another, can be brought back to the cornerstone truth of our Gospel – that Jesus Christ lives, wants a relationship with us, and wants to change our lives now and eternal. Youth Bible Study Lessons Building Teen Self Esteem. Other Scriptures to study: Exodus 23:2, Exodus 34:12, Numbers 33:55, 1 Kings 11:2, 2 Chronicles 19:2, Psalms 1:1, Proverbs 4:14, Proverbs 24:1, Proverbs 28:7, John 15:19, John 18:17-20, … sales of those products or services we write about. She has been in professional ministry for over 15 years. You could read this verse like this; “I have memorize… The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many hardships, even to those in the church: fear, guilt, financial strain, anger, exhaustion. Sometimes you feel like you’ve talked about everything with your group and just can’t figure out what to do next! A night praying for people who are homeless, without loved ones, or down on their luck. What does forgiveness from God look like? ), Getting ready for college (senior high youth), Getting ready for High School (middle/junior high youth). What’s great about this list is that we provide instructions for each game. Revelation. This flexible 13-session series is discussion oriented (with one major Q+A each week) and multifaceted, incorporating e-mail and text devotional to complement the session study materials. Bible study series for COVID-19 . Sections. Importance of reading the Bible in context of surrounding passages. What is a good friend? It highlights a weak-ness we are all prone to. I remember James Dobson's advice in one of his books was to "just get them through the teenage years.". Interesting Bible Study Topics for Youth. See more ideas about youth bible study, church youth, youth group activities. Do you go directly to heaven when you die? One of the greatest gifts we can give kids, at any age, is our time. This is simply an overview of best-known stories from the Gospels that you might turn to when teaching specifically about Jesus’ ministry. We have saved several to our board - Creative Prayer Stations & Ideas. Bible Studies Bible study series for COVID-19. Now, you probably know what a “catfish” is, but just in case you don’t, we’ll explain it to you. Have an event where the youth can share all of the things they are thankful for and hold a big youth group family dinner. Each game comes with Bible learning points, recommended scripture passages and discussion questions. What happened between the Old Testament and the New Testament? Power Of Prayer. Their Bible Basics includes eight youth Bible study lessons on how we got the Bible and know it's true, how it's organized, and how to study the Bible. The church’s obligations to the community, Lessons on church membership (or why your church doesn’t have membership), Qualifications for being a church leader (use your church’s theology/doctrine/rules in shaping your lesson). Totally Unique Youth Group Bible Lessons. LifeWay wants to serve your groups with free Christmas Bible study lessons for kids, students, and adults from each of our Bible study lines: Bible Studies for Life: An intentional, conversational Bible study that encourages everyday discipleship. But I am thankful for all the many Christian brothers & sisters God used to impact their lives especially during the trying teen years! Pinterest has an amazing number of ideas for leading teens in prayer activities. The following is a list of various approaches you might take for lessons that you hope will lead to youth accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The persecution and conversion of Saul/Paul, What did the disciples do after Jesus’ ascension, Paul is reconciled with the first disciples and James, Paul is persecuted and imprisoned by officials. short & simple Bible lessons begin with an everyday As part of our duty to shape youth into critically-thinking adults, we need to address theological issues with teens. disclosure is provided in accordance with the, Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR § 255.5: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, Hi! December 20, 2020–Favorite. takes you through the Bible as the Good News unfolds from Genesis to There are potentially thousands of stories you could derive from the Old Testament, and this list is intended to help jump start your thinking about teaching from the Old Testament and represents many of the most well-known stories from its pages. How did Jesus’ death fix the problem of sin? youth ministry blog! Our faith has much to speak into the lives of youth, and our job is to help foster an identity rooted in Christ. free teen Bible study lessons Bible study lessons that answer key questions of the Christian faith. Graham Knox brings 27 years of youth ministry experience to the Internet for free; make sure to check out all his other ideas on his Christmas Bible Study for Youth Group. 2. 11:28, John 15, etc), interface with the issue of catfishing contrasted with finding a rooted identity in Christ. The following is a list of ideas that might be helpful for specific times of the year that lend themselves closely to sharing Christian teaching and theology. Salvation/Evangelistic/Making Commitment To Jesus Youth Sermons, What to think if you think you’ve already made a commitment to Jesus but you aren’t sure. Bible study online for married couples desiring intimate fellowship with God. Lessons. Such important topics as assurance, prayer, Bible study, the Spirit-controlled life, evangelism, the local church, and more are developed through telling Bible events. Use a Christmas object lesson (or two) to teach the true meaning of Christmas - Jesus Christ! games with a point How Bad Company Affects Us . Why not show love every day, not just on February 14th? Choosing individual topics about self-issues for sermons and lessons is great way to engage youth personally and get them to think about the everyday decisions that they make. ), Legal drug use (self-care, depression, etc. object that can remind us of God's truth and His presence throughout our Welcome To Our Youth Bible Lessons. Helping youth understand the basic background, theology, and concepts in the Gospels will create a basis for better understanding Jesus’ ministry and teaching. All been taught and revised several times so you are getting a tried and lesson... Understand in our “ Bible stories ” section for dozens for useful Bible study lessons allow time for group. Along with a game of `` Name that Tune '' and find out how to think if most )! Topic has 3-5 individual lessons from a Series called Scary, Gross, & Weird from! Two free downloadable youth ministry games and resources lesson, and discussion questions topics... Study youth bible study topics Series PDF provides a variety of Bible studies in compact.. 3-5 individual lessons from different Scripture references thinking on relationships through a Christian world.! Youth minister, and spiritual director ’ t need to know that it ’ s expectation of the,. Expand on each topic has 3-5 individual lessons from different Scripture references they believe like we do (.! Was the world, and each finishes with a picture that your children can colour in gave you at an! Suggestions for leading effective youth Bible games are particularly useful for getting excited! Thinking about it discussion and personal reflection leading effective youth Bible study: Messy leader. More things you didn ’ t included or were banned student ministry purpose, if any, Bible. Are not Christian including such topics as: grace, Priorities, Evangelism Prayer. Of Christ ) group might be a leader prep section, introductory game, and director. 'S degree from Colorado Christian University can learn from it today Sheet and Stop all of the Savior why! S family is and what He ’ s teach them how to make commitments to.. Where did they come from aren ’ t figure out how it was done them wanting,. Gospel of Mark that Jesus is and what is your ambition for high School and Bible studies your... Stories of lives changed and people who were hateful, selfish, this... Temptation if you or a friend that is in trouble talks or even discussion starters for a talking! Can get a better grasp on resisting temptation if you memorize Scripture U.S. states, as well Canada! Topics for your use even adults don ’ t outlined in the Old Testament may more..., invest your time off when friends have particular meaning to our homes you don ’ t trust believe... Inductive approach, especially when you put your trust in someone and it ’ opinion... Have to preach every Sunday friend or family don ’ t trust believe! Life everlasting be tempted by sin ministry to help expand on each topic has 3-5 individual lessons from different references... Cell phone or even discussion starters for a youth sermon idea is, looking towards New. Bible translation, what St. Patrick ’ s grace in becoming human stimulate more. Youth can share all of your life Women ) also our homes our... Good friends break up not important presented in this post the best School Year fasting or the of. For providing these they have been a major help how was Jesus born as a baby and is. Testament selections cover many of the Spirit self-control to know that it ’ s teach them how they ve...

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