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rare canadian nickels

I find alot of people hording coins at banks , either for them selfs of for others I feel this shood b elegal, a sorce of theft in my mind , I have friands that tell me this is how they get there coins from people they know who work at banks . This coin's high level of preservation and dramatic eye appeal make it an extremely valuable coin. What Should I Do With the Zinc and Steel Coins? Worth anything? to 1981, so be sure to keep an eye out for these dates. 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950. I have a 2000 nickle with no crome. I've been searching for a decent one for a while now and wondered if you would do a trade or if I could even purchase it off of you? Learn more about these distinguishing features here. I’ve been waiting to find a good varieties site on Canadian Nickels before I go through them and see what I got. Hi there I have many nickels that was found in a basement, they date form 1920 to 1965, literally almost every date. I always love to hear from those who had enough insight to start coin roll hunting way back when you did. What you're looking for with these 1953 coins is the queen with no shoulder fold in her dress, and the lettering of "DEI GRATIA" that will be "flared," not straight. Most of the 1948 Canadian coins are of scarce mintage with the 1948 Canadian silver dollar being especially rare. or Best Offer +C $13.99 shipping. I have a 1938 Canadian nickel, can anybody tell me how much is it worth? I have a nickel with a rabbit on it dated 1867-1967, is there any value in this? The number of On the queen side through the edge or the nickel. I have 2 nickels withno date that seem to be celebrating QE's 50th. also had boxes with less than 1%, sometimes zero. If it is a 1943 nickel, it could be a tombac nickel which has copper in it and causes it to look like a penny. Along with these i have early 1900's and late 1800's canadian and American coins.I would love to find out what these are worth.Thank you. Hi, I have ONE CENT 1929 no dot under the date. Other Canadian nickels that you will want to sort through I know that when we coin roll hunt through boxes of nickels, we have a hard time finding any 1967s. Canadian nickels minted … 2014 nickel - - has copper in it as well. as well for their numismatic value. Most coin roll hunters in Canada will sort through boxes of nickels Now, you are lucky to get 5%. or Best Offer. composition of chrome-plated steel. If anyone has any idea, please let me know. What is 1942 copper nickle is it worth anything .. Its not silver 4 some odd reason .. 1942 had 2 different metal compositions. 1967 was 100 years after Canada's Confederation in 1867) usually do go for a nice premium on Ebay. Where to Buy Rare Canadian Coins. Please note that this … | Browse our daily deals for even more savings! The 1944 tombac pieces are quite rare (worth about U.S.$10,000). Insane what u can find on line auctions. There is no silver in the 1962 nickel. Should i keep it. I got stuck with $1000 in Canadian 50 cent pieces. Here is my list of the top 10 rare Canadian coins. Nickels. As you have suggested, I've been keeping my hoard of 99.9 Nichols separate from the numismatic ones.My question is, what do I do with now? Finding silver nickels are extremely rare, but are still possible to find. Can you tell me what a 12 sided 1954 Canadian nickel is worth? I found a 1952 canadian nickle is it worth anything, So I found a 5 cent centennial coin (the one with the rabbit) in some change and I have questions about it because even though it was in circulation, it's in near mint condition. 1955 until 1962, these 12-sided nickels were made out of 99.9% nickel. Hi there I have a 1967 penny with what looks like a man holding a British flag and a trident on it. As you will learn, Always has worked but today, one of the 1986 nickels in my pocket was not attracted to a magnet. Thanks Emily. actually worth more than five cents for their metal content. We have had greatest value because of their metal content (made out of nickel) and which I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. Do not be surprised if you find older and more rare nickels in your box. Be sure to consider keeping your 12-sided nickels This coin is worth so much because it is so rare. That's huge ( to quote that annoying Tesla freak on youtube) what do you do with 2000 lbs of nickles ? Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Its a normal looking nickel except that about 25% of it is copper. Where can I sell them for their metal content. Here we will lay out which coins offer the Rare Bare belly 1998 Canadian nickel. They also feature straight letters in the "DEI GRATIA," unlike the coin mentioned above. I just stumbled across this forum and wondered if you still had that 1921 nickel. More details here. Smooth edge great condition could it be worth anything more?? In 1947, India gained its independence from the British Empire. Some Canadian nickels are known to be worth up to $10,000 and even the less rare iterations can still get you $100 or more. numismatic value. I have a 1987 Canadian nickel with Queen Elizabeth II, What is it worth? The Canadian Nickel Melt Value Calculator can be used to figure the total base metal value and content for any of the Canadian nickels displayed below. With a mintage of 1,437,000 coins, many of them have survived and are available to collectors today. Hi RStanhope!The 1921 nickel is actually 80% silver and is the reason why it is smaller than the other nickels. They are also significantly older coins, some dating as far back as 1925, so you're a lot less likely to stumble across them at the convenience store. Your consistency should pay off. I hope this reply was helpful. | Free shipping on many items! $1.99. According to My Road To Wealth And Freedom, the Canadian mint introduced two new nickels in 1965, one with 138 large "beads" around the circumference of the coin, and a second version with only 119 small beads. Huge Lot Old Rare 2000+ Canadian Nickels Mix King George VI Era (1937-52). Can anyone tell me what a 1951, 12 sided nickel with king George V on the back and one of those special images on the front is worth? I am not sure about the one that looks like a penny. i have a 1959 12 sided nickel with a picture of queen Elizabeth the 2 and the Canadian beaver on the opposite side.the words on the nickel say: Elizabeth II Dei gratin Regina. I came across a 1978 Canadian nickel that what looks like some type of insect on the beavers back and it's red on both ends as well it appears that there is a mouse on its tail with more errors on it what would this be worth. $10.95. I’m in NS. So which Canadian nickels should you keep when coin roll Ending Today at 3:32PM PDT 7h 7m. The design on the 1943-45 nickels shows King George VI of England on the obverse a “V” for victory and a Liberty torch on the reverse. 0 bids. 1998 CANADA W MARK NICKEL GRADED AS PROOF LIKE FROM ORIGINAL SET. nickel! Canadian nickels before a certain date are more valuable than their American note that most of these 99.9% nickels that you find will be from the years 1963 Thanks. I just foubd a 1922 coin in my pocket looking for change. Thank you for visiting our blog! After checking coinsandcanada.com, it appears as though the coin will be worth around 15-33 cents if it is a coin that has been in circulation. Hello, I have come across a 1929 nickle I was given to in change by a corner store. 1953 5C Canadian Nickel BU. And also a nickel that looks like it was supposed to be a penny, i have a few of those, do nickels have a value at all? This coin is worth so much because it is so rare. These coins were created as a correction to the coin mentioned above that lacked a shoulder fold on the bust of the Queen. I have a collection of 1867-1967 coins, penny, nickel,dime,quarter,50cent piece and 1 dollar piece, what would this be worth? I would like to have someone look at them to tell me their value ckirkland193@gmail.com, also 5 or 6 1867-1967 canadian nickels with a rabbit on one side and the queen on the other. i was wondering how much this is worth, what its made of, and what language it is. these pre-1982 nickels when coin roll hunting since they are made of 99.9% I intend to get better results if I get the hand wrapped ones (the one with one end crumpled up and the other showing. The Royal Canadian Mint created two types of quarters in 1951 and the "low relief" ones are particularly rare. Thanks, Hi ..i have 4 of the small silver nickels for sale...ill send pics if u reply. Get the best deals on Canadian Nickels when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. 12-sided coins is growing quite quickly. If you've ever thought about collecting Canadian coins, this article is sure to prove why it's a great idea. The United States Mint falls under the jurisdiction of the Treasury Department of the United States of America. Hi I have all nickels that were made from 1940 -1945 now the 1944 steel nickel is it worth anything or any of these coins all are in pristine condition, do you know about a lot of coins other than nickels I have a few Canadian 1c penny the size of a silver dollar I have a few of these as well. Watch. All guaranteed to be .999 pure Nickel. coins you should just reroll them and return them back to the bank since they Congratulations as that is a great find and is worth much more than it's five cent face value. May 1, 2019 - Top 10 rare Canadian nickels include the 1926 far 6, 1947 dot, 1951 high relief, 1953 Shoulder Fold (SF) Far Maple Leaf, the 1925 and 1965 large beads. This is an old one - so you're likely not going to have it handed to you as change in a cab. Hey,i have a 1852 2 1/2 D. Coin and am try'n to find out how much it is worth.I also have newfoundland dimes,quarters,fifty cent pieces and a penny. these pre-1982 nickels that you will find in each box will vary. However, the price would go up substantially depending upon its condition.Also, for the history buffs that are interested, the image is of a nickel refinery and the 1751-1951 date commemorates the 200th anniversary since nickel was discovered in Canada.Thank you very much for taking the time to post Collin. All the best! Any worth? Free shipping on many items ... 1937 Dot Canada Five Cents Canadian Nickel Coin King George VI Rare. Where would be the best place to sell them? The difference between is minor and difficult for many to differentiate but on the small dates the top and bottom circles of the final 8 as close to round while on the large date are more elliptical. This comment has been removed by the author. As you will learn, Canadian nickels before a certain date are more valuable than their American counterparts because they are made out of nickel (99.9%). chrome-plated steel. These are the coins that you It was originally a little maple leaf, but over time the maple leaf on the die "deteriorated to the point where it simply produced a small dot." Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... CANADA 1938 and 1940 CANADIAN BEAVER NICKEL GEORGE VI RARE 5 CENT COIN LOT. This means your pre-1982 nickels worth five cents in face value are And 1967 pennies and 1967 nickels. This calculator excludes the low melt value steel composition nickels that are currently being minted, as well as any plated-steel nickels … How much is it worth? This smaller hoard of The "6" in 1926 is farther away from the maple leaf on the face of the coin (the less rare versions show the 6 nearly touching the maple leaf). I was wondering if this is worth anything. 1858 5 cents are found with large and small dates, with the large date the rarer variety. Coin roll hunting is not just about metal All Buy It Now Canadian Nickels. Consider keeping these coins separate $5.00. Also, the centennial coins (i.e. But if you've got a grandma or aunt who's been hanging on to some old coins, now might be the time to show a little interest. I have a 5cent with bunny on it year 1867-1967 is it worth anything? Even if you sold them at 5 of 6 dollars a roll sell 10 that is $60 dollars and stash the rest away. New Listing 1926 FAR CANADIAN NICKEL 5 CENTS NICE (RARE) C $289.99. It has been awhile since our last update, almost a year in fact, but we plan on providing ... For now, this might sound Download canadian nickels stock photos. But even still, it's cool to know there are Canadian nickels out there worth as much as $10,000. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Also, nickels from 1922-24, 1927-29 and from each year 1930-1939.

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